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Russian Automotive Industry

The Russian market offers enormous potential. The recently adopted new strategy of the Russian Ministry of Industry to develop the automotive industry by 2025 points to a planned growth of 2.43 million vehicles per year. The far more interesting aspect, however, is the requirement to achieve an increase in the degree of localization to 70 to 85 percent. In addition, the government is considering lowering the VAT rate for components “made in Russia” from 20 percent to 10 percent. In the future, suppliers should also be able to conclude special investment contracts.


AMZ actively supports the members in accessing the Russian market

  • Initialization of research and development projects with Russian companies or research institutions as well as support in the acquisition of funding
  • For Russian companies:
    Mediation of cooperations or services with German and Saxon service providers
    e.g. engineering service providers, quality assurance, QM advice on certifications and more
  • For German companies:
    Mediation of cooperations or services with Russian service providers
    E.g. outsourcing of software development, manufacturing and more
  • Support with settlement projects in Russia
    Establishing contacts with competent partners, explaining the four different options and more
  • Providing information
  • Organization and accompaniment of delegation trips


Locations of AMZ members in Russia

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