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  • Exact Systems - Motobarometer 2023

NEWS from our network: Exact Systems' Trend Study on the Mood of the Automotive Industry in Europe

What are the biggest challenges in the automotive industry in the coming years?

Exact Systems GmbH invites you to participate in the Trend Study “MotoBarometer 2023: The Mood of the Automotive Industry in Europe”:


The anonymous survey takes only a few minutes and will be provided in full to all participants.

In addition, MotoBarometer will be presented at MotoIdea in Poland on October 24-25, 2023. MotoIdea is organized by Exact Systems itself and is one of the largest automotive conferences in Poland, with approximately 250 guests this year.

Survey Topics

In this 7th edition of the Trend Study, the following key factors will be highlighted:

  • The prevailing technological and mental shift in the automotive industry
  • The conflict in Ukraine
  • The conflicts in Syria
  • The double-digit inflation in many European countries
  • The turbulence in the financial market

The Exact Systems GmbH team thanks you for your support!


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