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Product and project development

From the idea to the SOP

AMZ supports product and process development in companies.

Technology scouting and project development

AMZ collects a great deal of information about trends and technological innovations that is relevant to automotive usage. Research is carried out via databases, publications, trade fair publications and collaborations with universities and research institutions as well as member companies.

Working with AMZ as an external technology scout prevents operational blindness. The spun network of experts and the comprehensive trend database offer a perspective that companies can never have on their own.

Needs analysis

  • Problem outline and needs sketch
  • Outline the state of the art in science and technology

Goal definition

  • Definition and evaluation of goals
  • Determine possible solutions and draw up a development roadmap


  • Presentation of the possible solutions
  • Discussion about alternative solutions


  • Checking the feasibility
  • Examination of sustainability

Project initialization

  • Detailed project planning (project structuring, project organization, process and schedule planning, resource planning, cost planning, financial planning)

We are active in these fields of innovation

Automated and connected driving


Green Factory

Circular Economy
CO2 Balancing
Continuing Education



Lightweight construction

New materials
Structural lightweight construction
Recyclable lightweight construction

Manufacturing technologies

Information and communication technology (ICT)


Battery electric vehicles
Plug-in hybrid vehicles
Fuel cell vehicles


Project management

With IPMA certified project managers , AMZ leads projects to success. AMZ specializes in cross-company joint projects within the automotive industry.

AMZ project managers have already carried out more than 300 projects with more than 1,500 partners and a project volume of 300 million euros.

Our current projects

Header Jumpstart

JUMPSTART - The Saxon Automotive Continuing Education Network

                We show the way! AMZ Project “Jumpstart” Automotive – the best way to shape your ...

InSuM Header


Interior Hub for Sustainable Mobility (InSum)

As part of the automotive transformation, the interior is undergoing a fundamental change, becoming the center of future vehicle generations. ...

Header cH2ance chance


National Transformation Hub for Hydrogen Propulsion and Components in the Automotive and Supplier Industry (cH2ance)

Worldwide markets for hydrogen, fuel cells, and fuel cell vehicles are emerging. This trend is being embraced by the cH2ance Transformation Hub ...

HyMover - Hydrogen Truck Cooperation

Hymover – Hydrogen Fuel Cell Tractor Units with Batteries and Smart Information and Communication Technology Saxon automotive suppliers ...

Transformation-Hub (DiSerHub)

The first transformation hub that reimagines digital business models in the dimensions of production, distribution, utilization, and ...


ITAS - Initiative Transformation Automotive Region Southwest Saxony

ITAS stands for “Integrated Transformation Design for the Automotive Region Southwest Saxony” and is the collaborative approach of ...

Projekt PHYSICS Header - Connected Car V2X / Car2X

Automated and connected driving

Kickoff - Meeting PHYSICS

On the 13th of February 2023, after a short application process, together with the Project sponsors from the German Federal Office for ...


European Lightweight Cluster Alliance

Green light for the ELCA network from the Executive Agency for SMEs (EASME) for the promotion of cluster internationalization as part of the ...


Auto_ID – digital further training for staff Conventional teaching and learning methods alone are no longer sufficient to keep up with the ...

Tada Crossroad

Automated and connected driving

Crossroads Assistant (TADA)

As part of the project, the interdisciplinary transnational consortium enhances modern transportation infrastructure at complex intersections ...

sweeper tada faun ULE

Automated and connected driving

Automated Street Sweeper (TADA)

German and American partner companies are jointly developing an autonomous street sweeper that automatically cleans the road space. This ...

International recruiting of skilled workers

The current shortage of skilled workers is seen as the biggest obstacle to the future development of the Saxon automotive industry. The local ...

Automated and connected driving

Future Parking

Navigating in the parking garage and other additional services In this project funded by the Free State of Saxony with EU funds, robust ...


e-JIT Just-in-time-Logistics traffic

In the industrial supply chain, trucks are predominantly used as a means of transportation. The increasing level of connectivity and complexity ...

Automated and connected driving

Sensor technology Saxony

Sensorik Sachsen is an innovation cluster aimed at promoting the digital networking of sensor technology actors in Saxony, Germany. The goal is ...

Funding advice

AMZ not only helps in finding suitable funding offers, but also provides support with applications. Companies receive state grants from European and national sources for research, development and innovation. AMZ specializes in leveraging this financing potential through grants for member companies.

Concrete achievements are:

  • Conception of funding projects
  • Researching the appropriate funding calls and funding sources
  • Formulation of funding applications
  • Negotiations with funding partners and donors
  • Reporting and billing of funding projects and funding measures