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Automated and connected driving

Sensor technology Saxony

The aim of the sensor technology innovation cluster is to promote digital networking between those involved in sensor technology in Saxony. The networking is to take place across industries with the help of the existing structures, such as the technology networks, the industry networks and the Saxony Economic Development Corporation. In addition to networking, transparency on the subject of sensors must be created. This should not be limited to Saxony, but should also consider supra-regional and international influences.

With the help of networking and transparency, there is great potential for cooperation between the actors and a common alignment of R&D activities. The focus is on the development and market introduction of new sensor technology concepts, including industrial research into sensor systems at the R&D facilities. The cooperation takes place on a precompetitive basis at the technology level, the differentiated product development on the basis of the joint research results is carried out by the companies. Through the innovation cluster, the topics are considered across industries and technologies. Existing structures of the individual networks are used, synergies are developed and the competencies in the companies and research institutions are consolidated and expanded with a cooperative of R&D activities.

In addition to basic research, industry-related innovations result in cutting-edge research. In addition, the companies are developing into technology leaders and leading providers in the sensor technology market thanks to the cooperation that is funded. Current trends and new requirements for sensor systems can be processed via the cluster in Saxony. For example, in the automotive industry alone, automated driving and electromobility result in an enormous need for research with a focus on sensor technology.

Seven Saxon networks with clear research, development, production or user reference in the field of sensor technology work together under the title SENSA.


  • AMZ – Netzwerk der Automobilzulieferer Sachsen
  • OES – Organic Electronics Saxony – Netzwerk Organische Elektronik
  • Silicon Saxony e.V. – Hightechnetzwerk Sachsen
  • LRT – Kompetenzzentrum Luft- und Raumfahrttechnik Sachsen/Thüringen

Associated partners

  • BTS Rail Saxony – Bahntechnikcluster in Mitteldeutschland
  • Biosaxony e.V. – Cluster für Biotechnologie & Medizintechnik in Sachsen
  • VEMASinnovativ – Innovationsverbund Maschinenbau Sachsen, als assoziierte PARTNER

Our common goal is to get the sensor technology solutions of the future off the ground. The Saxon companies in particular should benefit from the results achieved. You will produce and market whatever innovations, solutions and systems SenSa brings to light.

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