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Automated and connected driving

Sensor technology Saxony

Sensorik Sachsen is an innovation cluster aimed at promoting the digital networking of sensor technology actors in Saxony, Germany. The goal is to foster cross-industry collaboration among these actors using existing structures such as technology networks, industry networks, and the economic development agency of Saxony. In addition to networking, the cluster aims to create transparency in the field of sensor technology, not only focusing on Saxony but also considering regional and international influences.

Through networking and transparency, there is great potential for cooperation among the actors and a shared direction for research and development activities. The primary focus is on the development and market introduction of new sensor technology concepts, with involvement from industrial research on sensory systems conducted by research institutions. Collaboration occurs at a pre-competitive technology level, while the differentiated product development based on the shared research findings is carried out by companies. The innovation cluster takes a cross-industry and cross-technology approach, leveraging existing structures within individual networks, unlocking synergies, and strengthening and expanding competencies in companies and research institutions through cooperative R&D activities.

In addition to fundamental research, industry-driven innovations lead to cutting-edge research. Furthermore, through the supported collaboration, companies evolve into technology leaders and leading suppliers in the sensor technology market. Current trends and new requirements for sensor technology systems can be addressed through the cluster in Saxony. For example, the field of automated driving and electromobility in the automotive industry presents significant research needs with a focus on sensor technology.

Under the title SENSA, seven Saxon networks with clear research, development, production, or application-related focus in the field of sensor technology work together.


  • AMZ – Automotive Supplier Network Saxony
  • OES – Organic Electronics Saxony
  • Silicon Saxony e.V. – High-tech Network Saxony
  • LRT – Competence Center for Aerospace Engineering Saxony/Thuringia

Associated Partners:

  • S – Railway Technology Cluster in Central Germany
  • Biosaxony e.V. – Cluster for Biotechnology & Medical Technology in Saxony
  • VEMASinnovativ – Innovation Alliance Mechanical Engineering Saxony, as an associated partner

The shared goal is to drive the development of future sensor technology solutions. Specifically, the results obtained should benefit companies in Saxony, enabling them to produce and market the innovations, solutions, and systems brought forth by SenSa.

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