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Review: Manufacturers' electromobility strategies - VW Group and Group brands on June 2nd. and 6.7.2021

Since last year, Europe has finally released the handbrake on electromobility. Germany is becoming a TOP location for the production of electric cars. However, the trend reversal towards electromobility that has begun and the associated risks and opportunities for suppliers, outfitters and service providers are still underestimated.

At the two fully booked workshops, the 40 participants received detailed insights into the electromobility strategy of the Volkswagen Group . Using specific production-related data (planning of locations, vehicles, quantities and components), Prof. Dr. Werner Olle (CATI) on which strategies the Volkswagen Group is pursuing on the growth path and how quickly the trend reversal will spread.

At a follow-up workshop on September 7th, the e-strategies of BMW, Mercedes-Benz, Opel and Ford will be examined.



  • Welcome and introduction round
  • Overview and introduction of the “trend reversal towards electromobility”
  • Electromobility strategy Volkswagen Group – Group-wide goals and global implementation
  • Detailing for Volkswagen Passenger Cars brand
  • Detailing for the brands Audi, Porsche, Skoda, Seat
  • Discussion and conclusion



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