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Review: Workshop "New demands of OEMs on suppliers: CO2 balance - sustainability - energy management" on July 15, 2021

How topical and urgent the issue of CO2-neutral components is is shown not least by the “Fit for 55” program adopted by the EU Commission in July 2021. This includes a drastic reduction in the CO2 balance of new vehicles in the coming years. The OEM reacted promptly with adapted or new strategies. Of course, the suppliers will have to go along with them.

The 20 or so participants from the AMZ members discussed on July 15 which specific new OEM requirements had already reached the suppliers at this point in time and how they deal with them.

The suppliers reported:

  • Sustainability requirements that are already anchored in contracts and specifications
  • Required information about the CO2 footprint
  • Announced on-site checks to determine the CO2 footprint
  • Rating of the sustainability performance of the suppliers by the OEM

A requirements matrix was developed together.

The topic will be continued in a follow-up workshop in autumn 2021. Then it should be about options for action and concrete proposals for solutions.


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