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20. January 2022 | Events

Seminar: Guide to difficult price increase discussions

The seminar will be held in german.

Seminar description

The OEMs and Tier1s cut or stop the call-offs from their suppliers and, on the other hand, the raw material prices and other costs skyrocket – this is the current difficult situation for many automotive suppliers. And that forces you to act quickly in the form of price increases or other compensation demands on group customers . But they fight back and have prepared their buyers for the demands of the many suppliers. In this situation, the standard approach has little chance of success.

“Negotiations are not a rational matter,” says FBI negotiation expert Chris Voss. You have to pick up your counterpart emotionally and establish a common basis before it comes to data and facts. Against this background, starting a conversation with raw material charts can even have a rather counterproductive effect and trigger the defense reflex.

Rather, in this particular situation, an individual approach and guidelines are needed, with which one prepares one’s negotiating partner for the explanation of the requirement and wins them over for a joint solution finding . Conventional as well as unconventional ways should be included, taking into account the specifications, taboos and constraints on the buyer side.

The seminar module contains a lecture / discussion on the development of the guideline for price increase demands in the current difficult situation of the auto supplier industry and then practical work of the participants on a discussion strategy for a selected customer in individual or group work.

By participating, those present assure each other that the contents of the workshop work and the discussion will be treated confidentially.

The seminar assumes the knowledge of the ʺLopez philosophyʺ and the mechanisms in corporate purchasing from the basic seminar ʺPrice negotiations with ʺLopez buyersʺʺ ahead. Please register anyway, even if you have not yet attended the basic workshop. If there is a sufficient number of interested parties, we will probably organize a half-day basic workshop the day before.


  • Welcome, introduction of the participants – if necessary, include specific questions and updates
  • Recap: The basics of the ʺLopez system “- the building blocks for a successful negotiation
  • The three phases of difficult negotiations – pick up, create common ground and find solutions
  • Starting point and the constraints and requirements on the buyer side
  • Guide and building blocks for negotiating a price increase in the current situation
  • Individual or group work: concept for your own demands and negotiation strategy
  • Short presentations of the concepts, feedback and discussion among the participants
  • Summary, conclusion and closing remarks




Hans-Andreas Fein
Business graduate, strategy consultant and trainer for automotive suppliers and mechanical engineers with project experience in Germany, Europe, North America and China for over 30 years.


Target group

Managing directors, sales managers and key account managers from automotive suppliers and industrial service providers who have already participated in the BASIS seminar “Price negotiations”.

Date and place

Unfortunately, the original date of January 20th cannot be kept due to current regulations. We will inform you as soon as we can set a new date. Previous registrations retain their (non-binding) validity.

Time: 9:00 a.m. to around 5:00 p.m.

Business Village Chemnitz, Beckerstraße 13, 09120 Chemnitz


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