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Lightweight construction

ELCA European Lightweight Cluster Alliance

AMZ Sachsen is one of 17 hub partners in the European Lightweight Cluster Alliance (ELCA) for lightweight construction materials and related manufacturing technologies. The main objective of the ELCA is to strengthen Europe’s technological leadership in the field of lightweight construction, including materials and related disciplines such as design, molding and manufacturing.

AMZ members benefit from our international network:

  • Cooperation with top class innovators in Europe
  • Market information (actors, topics, technologies, materials, regional markets)
  • Use and share knowledge and know-how
  • Get to know and test potential partners
  • Joint projects and assignments
  • Visibility to large companies
  • Visibility to politics (EU, regulations, standardization)

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Become a partner in work groups

The AMZ member companies have access to the six European working groups of the ELCA via AMZ Sachsen. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us.

  1. Materials Supply & Development
  2. Characterisation & Modelling
  3. Design & Smart Functions
  4. Manufacturing & Industry 4.0
  5. Assembly/Joining
  6. Scrap Separation and Recycling

Become a partner in ongoing projects:

  • AMULET (Horizon 2020, Advanced materials and technologies for lightweight united) Cluster facilitated project for new value chains, Calls from ELCA-Champions-consortia–solutions-grants Start 06/2021
  • (Internationalisierung, Partner: Polymeris/F, Advanced Materials Cluster Catalonia/ ES, Bydgoszcz Industrial Cluster/PL, CLUST-ER MECH Bologna/IT, AMZ-Co-ordinator)
  • Target Markets: USA, Japan, India, Latin America, Strategy, Visits


Further information on ELCA can be found here:

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