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Manufacturing technologies

The factory of the future will be a manufacturing facility that is more digital, more virtual and more resource efficient. Chained digital manufacturing processes, automation and flexibility are then central properties. IoT, AI (KI) and analytics will improve efficiency, while predictive maintenance and smart manufacturing will shorten downtimes. But there are also new relationships between man and machine, not just in competition, but in partnership. Technologies such as augmented reality and wearables are changing the way we work together. Productivity and quality can increase significantly, but this requires highly trained employees. The disruptive forces of digitization are an opportunity for production. In order to use this, courage to change is required. Those who see digitization as an opportunity will be successful.

Positioning and navigation solutions

Technologies for positioning and localization in production, but also as a basis for the navigation of vehicles, autonomous transport and robots, are becoming increasingly important. Alternative radio technologies are necessary wherever satellite-based positioning is insufficient or shielded. Why not switch to existing networks (WLAN) and use their properties for distance and angle measurement?

Together with the Technical University of Dresden, AMZ-Sachsen developed the “future-parking” project funded by the Free State of Saxony and is involved in researching these technologies with four additional companies from Saxony. With the kind support of the City of Leipzig’s Economic Development Agency, the municipal BIC car park could be won as a test partner. Since then, research drives with test vehicles have been carried out there in order to advance the development of a prototype for parking garage navigation as an affordable and economically interesting indoor solution. The first promising attempts can be demonstrated to an interested public on request. Of course, this technology is also suitable for use in a production environment. Warehouses, production halls or logistics centers are ideal for demonstration projects.

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