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Automated and connected driving

Future Parking

Navigating in the parking garage and other additional services

In this project funded by the Free State of Saxony with EU funds, robust positioning techniques are being researched in complex environments such as parking garages for location determination, navigation, handling logistics tasks, and providing connected services in the city of Leipzig. The project partners are developing a Wireless Sensor Network (WSN) and an environment radar system for this purpose. Using specific sensor tags issued to vehicles upon entry to the parking garage or installed within the vehicles themselves, real-time information about parking space occupancy and traffic conditions within the parking garage can be determined.

Application Fields

With the help of digital maps and a parking app, vehicles can be guided indoors to available parking spaces. In addition, the project partners are developing additional services based on the WSN technology, such as reserving, booking, and paying for parking spaces, as well as find-my-car services. The developed WSN technology can be cost-effectively integrated into existing parking garages, as well as underground loading zones or large halls, without extensive construction measures, enabling a completely new parking garage management system. Furthermore, new utilization possibilities are being explored, including logistics applications such as the placement of mini-hubs within the parking garage as depots for last-mile delivery services using parking-compatible transport vehicles.












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