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JUMPSTART - The Saxon Automotive Continuing Education Network

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We show the way!

AMZ Project “Jumpstart” Automotive – the best way to shape your company’s continuing education. With the funding guideline “Establishment of Continuing Education Networks for the Transformation of the Automotive Industry,” you have a unique opportunity to participate in the rapidly growing AMZ network of automotive suppliers in the “Jumpstart” project and take advantage of its benefits. Your participation is free of charge!

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Our top goal is to make continuing education for companies in the automotive industry more efficient and cost-effective. To achieve this, we pool the training needs and organize joint further education. We also work together to clarify future topics for initial and further education and the necessary changes caused by new technologies, providing security. For companies in the project, we offer precisely tailored training offerings in our own digital learning portal. The content is designed to be demand-oriented and efficient, in the form of “learning nuggets.” Our offer also includes support for well-structured personnel management through appropriate potential analysis and the involvement of subject matter experts. Workshops, focus discussions, consultations, and thematic events are the planned measures to fulfill our goals.


The successful existence of small and medium-sized companies in the automotive sector depends significantly on the extent of their capabilities. Become part of “Jumpstart,” and we will help your company adapt to rapidly changing market conditions.

With a good start, we will successfully reach our goal!


Join and benefit

  • Cost-effective, digital, and individualized training and work processes
  • Network effects through the unique AMZ community
  • Own digital learning portal
  • Identify and address education gaps
  • Increase employee productivity
  • Streamline onboarding processes
  • Insight into future-oriented training formats and content
  • Enhance competitiveness
  • Assistance with employee integration
  • Access to expert know-how
  • Boost learning motivation
  • Innovative learning methods

The JUMPSTART partners

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Your contact

Diana Germey

Project Manager

Phone: +49 172 838 00 28