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National Transformation Hub for Hydrogen Propulsion and Components in the Automotive and Supplier Industry (cH2ance)

Worldwide markets for hydrogen, fuel cells, and fuel cell vehicles are emerging. This trend is being embraced by the cH2ance Transformation Hub to reverse the decline in value creation in the combustion engine sector for suppliers in Germany. Many competencies, products, and processes can be transferred, but they need to be newly developed and qualified under hydrogen conditions. This requires hydrogen-specific knowledge, a transfer platform, networking of all relevant stakeholders, as well as norms and standards.

The goal of cH2ance is, therefore, to provide these functions for the automotive and supplier industry through a national hub, especially for SMEs. For rapid and effective implementation, cH2ance is formed by a national, powerful, and interdisciplinary alliance of established hydrogen innovation clusters, competence providers, as well as automotive and supplier networks. It enables the establishment of closed value chains and a competitive supplier industry for hydrogen propulsion in Germany, which will shape the international market.

Project Partners:

  • HZwo e.V.
  • AMZ Sachsen
  • ZBT – Center for Fuel Cell Technology GmbH
  • nrw e.V.



Bundesministerium Wirtschaft klimaschutz

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