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Supplier portal

The supplier portal is an online database of Saxon automotive suppliers and research institutions. Find research partners for your project, get in touch with potential suppliers or customers!

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10 entries found

Logo FDTech GmbH

Electrics, electronics, software

FDTech GmbH

Bornaer Straße 205
09114 Chemnitz

Logo First Sensor Mobility GmbH

Elektrik und Elektronikteile

First Sensor Mobility GmbH

Königsbrücker Straße 96
01099 Dresden

Logo FusionSystems GmbH

Elektrik und Elektronikteile

FusionSystems GmbH

Annaberger Straße 240
09125 Chemnitz

Logo glts cotech GmbH

Electrics, electronics, software

glts cotech GmbH

Handelsplatz 1b
04319 Leipzig

Logo Linguwerk GmbH

Electrics, electronics, software

Linguwerk GmbH

Schnorrstraße 70
01069 Dresden

Logo Metirionic GmbH

Electrics, electronics, software

Metirionic GmbH

Strehlener Straße 12-14
01069 Dresden

Logo miunske GmbH

electrical system and components

miunske GmbH

Oberlausitzer Str. 28
02692 Großpostwitz/O. L.


Electrics, electronics, software


Am Walkgraben 13
09119 Chemnitz

Logo Sedenius Engineering GmbH

Electrics, electronics, software

Sedenius Engineering GmbH

Bitterfelder Straße 7 - 9
04129 Leipzig

Logo Unicontrol Systemtechnik GmbH

Engineering Dienstleistungen

Unicontrol Systemtechnik GmbH

Sachsenburger Weg 34
09669 Frankenberg/Sa.