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Competence development

The automotive industry is facing a fundamental structural change, which is presenting the medium-sized supplier industry in particular with immense challenges. New markets, new competitors, new products and processes, new business models – all of this is flowing into the industry at the same time.

An essential key to mastering these challenges and thus to the future viability of the supplier industry is the competence development of and in companies. This required development of competencies can no longer be mastered with conventional learning offers and methods alone. It requires new content (future fields of the automobile) combined with new learning technologies and learning formats that complement existing qualification offers.

AMZ is dedicated to this task and develops innovative teaching and learning offers with partners. As part of our lighthouse project Auto_ID , member companies can actively participate.

AMZ Sachsen supports its members in developing their skills:

  • Seminars: Building skills for employees in the automotive industry
  • Project development: Incubation of innovative ideas for collaborative projects in the field of competence development
  • Implementation projects: piloting of company-specific teaching and learning offers

Human resource management

At the same time, the demographic development in Saxony, apart from the two boom regions Dresden and Leipzig, is worrying. Compared with recruiting processes from 10 years ago, many vacancies can only be filled after longer recruiting times and higher recruiting efforts. In some areas the situation is becoming even more dramatic and positions can no longer be filled. There is a considerable shortage of skilled workers in Saxony. This shortage of skilled workers is seen as the greatest obstacle to the future development of the Saxon automotive industry. Increasing automation and digitization cannot fully absorb the effects of the shortage of skilled workers. The Saxon offspring will not meet future needs, a targeted move to the regions will be necessary.

Current existing instruments for identification, recruiting, qualification and integration of international skilled workers are too vague from the Saxon point of view. Therefore, AMZ is pooling its strengths with national and international partners in order to be able to cover future personnel requirements in Saxony. AMZ specializes in personnel management on topics related to international labor recruitment.

AMZ supports its members in the area of ​​personnel management:

  • Personnel work forum: exchange of experiences with members
  • Partner matching: Establishing partnerships / collaborations
  • Project development: Incubation for projects in the field of international labor recruitment
  • Project management: specializing in cross-company projects, the project management is taken over

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Happy businessman writing a business plan on whiteboard to his team on a meeting in board room.

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